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Public Policy Is An Essential Element Of The United States...

Public policy is an essential element of the United States’ government. Congress, the president, the Cabinet, as well as the thousands members of the bureaucracy, all play a crucial role in defining how political decision are made in the United States. Public policy not only shapes the national government, but it also shapes the state and local governments as well. Domestic, foreign, and economic policies are come together to form public policy as a whole and all deal with different issues and problems of the country. However, both the president and Congress both have unique powers and roles that influence public policy in the domestic, foreign, and economic spheres. Domestic policy refers to issues and activities that occur within the United State s borders. However, both the president and Congress have differing powers in regards to this spectrum of public policy. For example, the president has the power to call Congress into session. Ever since this responsibility was put forth in the United States’ Constitution, the president has been able to influence Congress by pulling Congress together to discuss and debate needed policies. Often, these sessions occur when the president believes that there is a crisis on hand. For example, Congress was called into session during their summer recess after Hurricane Katrina to pass an emergency spending bill in 2005. Therefore, the response of Congress and to Hurricane Katrina was ultimately carried forth by President George W.Show MoreRelatedPeace : A Power Sharing Approach1091 Words   |  5 PagesInstitutionalizing Peace: A Power Sharing Approach As the dream of a two state solution slips away, academia and politicians focus on a one state reality. Although one state between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea is the de facto situation (Mearsheimer 144), Palestinians are deprived of basic rights, including freedom of movement and political rights. The elongated peace process has been used as a stalling tactic to build Israeli settlements in the occupied territories, displacing an increasingRead MoreHow Effective Is Vladimir Putins Power Vertical?1819 Words   |  7 PagesGorbachev, Yeltsin and Putin. Russian public opinion is clearly in need of power be personified. In the current system the supreme person has the final word on all important matters of any control. His position over all the power creates a simple background and the temptation subjection to all parts of the state. Lack of harmonization mechanism, that normally (under conditions of democracy) worked out for decades, and complementary functions of different government pushes, especially in the request forRead MoreTo what extent do political parties promote democracy?1057 Words   |  5 Pagesfrom one government to another, free and fair regular elections, people having open access to independent information, government accountability to the people and representative institutions and that the government operates in the broad interests of the people. Democracy can take a number of forms, the main two being representative and direct democracy. In the UK a representative democracy is in place. Arguably, the mere existence of political parties enhances democracy as they allow the publi c to decideRead MoreA Brief Note On The Private Sector Security1074 Words   |  5 Pagesoccurring in the United States continues to escalate every year. The private sector businesses must comply with government IT security regulations to ensure our national security. Cybersecurity is a key component in the public and private industries as both commercial ventures push to secure the web without decreasing the favorable circumstances that the internet provides. The private sector tenacious effort to enforce the collaboration between private sector businesses and government agencies to enhanceRead MorePublic Health1526 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Public Health Law is a tool for protecting and promoting the health of the public and it is guided by a set of three principles known as the Core Functions of Public Health, which includes assessment, policy development, and assurance (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2012; Florida Department of Health, 2012). It plays a critical role in reducing illness and premature death. It also examines the authority of the government at various jurisdictional levels to improve the healthRead MoreThe Consensus, Crime Control, and Due Process Models Essay1630 Words   |  7 Pagescases that dictate such a response. As described by Erik Luna in the Models of Criminal Procedure, the following statement summarizes the aforementioned most appropriately. The slippery slope becomes exceptionally slick during times of intense public anxiety and perceived social peril. History teaches that grave threats to liberty often come in times of urgency, when constitutional rights seem too extravagant to endure (Luna, 1999). Historically regardless of when these types of approachesRead MoreAmerican Foreign Policy During The United States Essay1315 Words   |  6 PagesAmerican Foreign Policy American foreign policy relates to what is done in foreign countries by the United States of America. The foreign policies include controlling of the governments of foreign countries or setting some rules in those countries. The foreign policy of America has always been changing all through the US existence. The changes have stemmed from the dynamics of exogenous and substantial influences of watershed up to the international system and also the effects and changes of endogenousRead MoreU.s. Foreign Policy Policies Essay1312 Words   |  6 Pagesforeign policy relates to what is done in foreign countries by the United States of America. The foreign policies include controlling of the governments of foreign countries or setting some rules in those countries. The foreign policy of America has always been changing all through the US existence. The changes have stemmed from the dynamics of exogenous and substantial influences of watershed up to the international system and also the effe cts and changes of endogenous inside the government of theRead MoreIntroduction Of Homeland Security ( Dhs )1101 Words   |  5 Pagesimpact of the Department’s policies, regulations, processes, and actions with the private sector, Assistant Secretary Douglas A. Smith and the Private Sector Office work constantly to create strategic communications with the private sector to enhance the homeland security enterprise (Live Chat Five 2015). The private enterprise of Homeland Security engages in the protection of critical infrastructure and key resources (CIKR). The Department of Homeland Security also uses state, local, tribal, and territorialRead MoreA Long Link Of Barricaded Police Struggles1436 Words   |  6 Pagesout in unison. Major economic recessions of the 1890s, notably the panic of 1893, was heralded by cycles of disbeliefs that destabilized public confidence and weakened the nation. Prominent historians of the website argue that one response to the failures was an expansion in business associations. However, they also showed that; â€Å"the poorer elements of society assumed they had been ignored during the hard times and then were left at the mercy of the trusts.† (1) In reality, the same

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How Ai Can Bring On A Second Industrial Revolution

ID: 10946471 How AI can bring on a second Industrial Revolution Introduction When the arrival of new technology often makes us surprised and curious. But in fact a lot of technology to a large extent can be expected. These physical and chemical reactions, consisting of wires, switches and electronics, determine most of our predictions. And show a repeating pattern, or that these patterns form a trend. We do not know its specific direction, but these are inherent in the trend of technology, deeply rooted in the technology itself, so that i can perceive the general direction of this trend. Such as the emergence of the phone is inevitable, but Iphone is not. The appearance of the Internet is inevitable, but Twitter is not. The same thing†¦show more content†¦Of course, A.I. still not even near as powerful as human brain, the ability to learn and plan. Computer get Smarter than Human What we know, the final point of the ability to handle information is much larger than any biological organization. It depends on the physical principle. The frequency of a biological neuron is about 200 Hz, 200 times per second. But even now the transistors are running at a trillion MHz frequency. Neurons transmit in the axons at a slower rate of up to 100 meters per second. But in the computer, the signal is transmitted at the speed of light. There are also size restrictions, like the human brain can only have a size as big as skull, but a computer can be as large as the warehouse, or even greater. So the potential of super wisdom is lurking in the material, just as the atomic energy lurks in human history, until 1945. In this century, scientists may be able to awaken the power of artificial intelligence. At that time I think we will see the wisdom of the outbreak. I think Artificial intelligence starts is more like this, zero wisdom. Then, after many hard work, maybe we can reach the wisdom of the mouse level, in the chaos to find out a road, like a mouse. After more hard research and investment in more years, perhaps we can finally reach the chimpanzee level of artificial intelligence. Later, after more years of research, we were able toShow MoreRelatedUS Senate Case Study1693 Words   |  7 PagesVermont (D). Statement of the Problem The United States, along with the world, has technologically advanced at high rates and continues to do so every day. From the iPhone to the development of some of the world’s most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), the United States profits heavily from these developments. Most recently, major tech companies have attempted to increase their profits by reducing the costs of production in order to reduce their cost of production, automation in the force. InsteadRead MoreEthical Issues Of Artificial Intelligence1443 Words   |  6 Pagesillustrate whether there are ethical issues in artificial intelligence (AI), facts and matters relate to the ethical arguments, classifying by using act utilitarian to compare the pros and cons as well as whether the net utility will boost or decline, utilizing two of the Kant’s categorical imperative rules to identify the ethical issues on AI, and lastly is estimating ethical summary why ethical issues is vital with the personal opinion. AI has been reformed over the time period and now people are assistedRead MoreUniversal Basic Income : Solution For An Automated Future2027 Words   |  9 PagesCFS 395-2 November 27th, 2016 Universal Basic Income: Solution for an Automated Future Universal basic income (UBI), sometimes also referred as â€Å"guaranteed income† or â€Å"basic income guarantee†, is a form of social security ensuring that all citizens can afford to meet their basic needs. To achieve that, government pays every citizen a set amount of money on a regular basis, just enough to lift them from the poverty line. The payments will be unconditional, without work requirements or any restrictionsRead MoreTechnology And Its Impact On Technology Essay1675 Words   |  7 Pagesrise of technology should not be blame for it, as we do have control over some of these issues. In the 1760-1800’s, the first machine age occurred during the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution was transition from a hand labor to a machine labor. The new machines were powered by water, steam and coal. The Industrial revolution marked a very profitable time for many factory owners because, unlike humans these machines could do the same work only cheaper and faster. Historians have oftenRead MoreBig Data Analytics Driven Enterprise Asset Management For Asset Intensive Industries6539 Words   |  27 Pagesenterprise. This increase in data gathering and integration is fuelled and driven by advanced technologies for collecting data from various data sources, storing the data using standardised approaches and most importantly advances in Artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data analytics to extract value from data. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is a strategic approach for organisations that heavily rely on physical assets to generate revenue, it’s a d ata driven process that collects and uses data about assetsRead MoreARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE6331 Words   |  26 PagesARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Contents : Abstract : Introduction : History : Concepts : Branches of AI : Artificial Intelligence in fiction : Problems o 7.1 Deduction, reasoning, problem solving o 7.2 Knowledge representation o 7.3 Planning o 7.4 Learning o 7.5 Motion manipulation o 7.6 Perception o 7.7 Social intelligence o 7.8 Creativity o 7.9 General intelligence ï‚ · VIII : Tools o 8.1 Search optimization o 8.2 Logic o 8.3 Probabilistic methods for uncertain reasoning Read MoreBank Accounting Information System and Electronic Banking4609 Words   |  19 PagesIntroduction Information technology has had as much impact on our society as the industrial revolution. In the information age, companies are finding that success or failure is increasingly dependent on their management and use of information. Therefore, companies need a good information system that enabled an efficient and effective use of information to give them more competitive advantage (Moscove, Simkin, Bagranoff, 1999). An information system is a set of interrelated subsystems that workRead MoreEssay Bank Accounting Information System And Electronic Banking4510 Words   |  19 Pages Bank Accounting Information System And Electronic Banking Introduction   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Information technology has had as much impact on our society as the industrial revolution. In the information age, companies are finding that success or failure is increasingly dependent on their management and use of information. Therefore, companies need a good information system that enabled an efficient and effective use of information to give them more competitive advantage (Moscove, Simkin, Bagranoff, 1999)Read More4g Communication22481 Words   |  90 Pagescomprehensive and personalized services, providing stable system performance and quality service. 4G doesn t just define a standard; it describes an environment where radio access methods will be able to interoperate to provide communications sessions that can seamlessly hand-off between them. More than any other technology, 4G will have a profound impact on the entire wireless landscape and the total value chain. This paper focuses on the vision of 4G and briefly explains the technologies and features Read MoreEssay about Rsm100 Required Readings Summaries3723 Words   |  15 PagesPeople first, strategy second b. Getting the right people to do the right jobs 2) Stockdale Paradox c. Contradictory belief that they face the most brutal reality that believe that they will prevail eventually 3) Buildup-Breakthrough Flywheel d. Transformation from good to great builds with momentum overtime 4) The Hedgehog Concept e. Simple and focused f. Understand: i. What company can be best at ii. How its economics works best

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Christian Places of Worship Free Essays

————————————————- â€Å"Christian places of worship should be plain and simple? † Discuss. Ollie Gardner This debate is a very strong subject for certain people and religion. For example the Catholics think that it is right to show their appreciation of god by designing their places of worship with big stained glass windows, huge organs and a big bold altar etc. We will write a custom essay sample on Christian Places of Worship or any similar topic only for you Order Now However the Protestants started out rebelling against the Catholics saying that you should not have to show your appreciation with money and gold but with commitment and feeling should be enough. No religion is right or wrong. Looking at the Protestant way of thinking about it that places of worship should be plain and simple. I can see many reasons why people do believe in this thought. One reason could be because they think that god does not have to be â€Å"bribed† or given these big expensive gifts to appreciate his followers and the people. That merely showing your commitment to him and well being should be enough to gain your love or that you already have his love. God in my point of view is not someone to judge someone by his or her wealth but by his or her actions. Meaning that wherever you worship in a church, at home in your bedroom, on the street in an alleyway with beer cans on the floor is good enough to show your respect and thanks. He does not think of you anymore by showing him and giving him gifts with great wealth. You might be quite poor and cannot afford to do anything quite so big and bold and might just want to do your own prayer at home or anywhere of your choice, which is still fine. On the other hand I can see why you would want to show your appreciation via: gifts, big services and god plated lecterns etc. It’s like on Valentines Day when you give you loved ones a present, card or gift of some point. I know the feeling of walking in to the Bath Abbey and being blown away by the remarkableness and memorising stain glassed windows that fill the room with colour. You do in some way feel that sense of astonishment and holiness as you witness something like the Bath Abbey. I can also see the commitment to god by giving him gifts of great wealth and big glamorous services. It shows hat if they have been lucky enough to be very wealthy or maybe not that much but to give what they can does show a certain amount of strong commitment. In conclusion either decision is fine, and god will not think of you any differently. In my point of view I would go with Protestant way of belief just because I think that god loves you whoever you are and we can show are own love to him, not by fancy lecterns and pulpits and a big choir but just by however way we feel like. Could be at home or anywhere tha t is most comfortable to you. How to cite Christian Places of Worship, Papers

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Significance of Company Email-Samples for Students- Myassignment

Question: Write a report on Significance of Company Email Security Policy to an Organization. Answer: Introduction Companies over the recent past have been faced with various misconducts in relation to management of company information and emails. This has resulted to the need and formulation of email security policy which assists an organization to safeguard information obtained and sent through email. A policy is a set of rules and requirements which are required by an organization to create a path to various or specific objective set with the organization. Security policies are therefore the means of security for a system within a given entity. Security policy addresses the constraints on various behaviours of a workforce in an organization (Kaldor and Rangelov 2014). Security policies are constraints which can be imposed on members behaviour and adversaries through application of various mechanisms such as locks, doors walls and keys. The main concern and security policy discussed within the content of this paper is email security policy as one of the many constraints that an organization can impose on adversaries existing within the organization. Email security policy addresses rules and constraints on functions and flow of rules and guidelines on access by various adversaries and systems including information received or sent through mails, important data and other material information by the workforce (Ifinedo 2014). Formulation and creation of an email security system requires specific guidelines and procedures in order to become a success within an organization. The content of this paper with keen analysis of other previous studies discusses various guidelines and a procedure on an email security policy. The content also discusses various recommendations on how a company should come up and facilitate an email security policy as discussed below. Literature Review According to various previous studies, organizations have been found suffering from various risks in relation to information security. Miss management of information and data in various institutions have been found to be one of the most challenging threats to various organizations. However, the challenge of mismanagement of information can be minimised or even eliminated with proper implementations of security policies such as email security policy. An email security policy is one of the most appropriate ways of monitoring and managing the use and access to information which can be reached by staff members within an organization. According to this study as well as other previous studies, it is important for any given company to have a working email security policy in order to cover various risks imposed by undue access by workforce via emails (Kaldor and Rangelov 2014). Over the recent past various organizations have been dismissing the concern about emails and this has caused severa l firms to undergo risks due email mismanagement. Organizations as revealed in various studies have overlooked threats which comes due to improper management of emails due to ignorance that emails are very easy to use and manage and most people are comfortable using mails. One of the recent articles, however, cited improper management of emails as one of the factors which caused Hilary Clinton her quest to become president of the United States (Herath and Rao 2009). According to this article, it has therefore been noticed by the current study the significance of an email security to an organization. Various companies as have suffered fraud, phishing scams as well as ending up with a clogged up system with endless information instruction the organization to reply to all messages (Ifinedo 2014). With implementation of a proper email security, such risks may be avoided. Email security policy should also be implemented by an organization as many of the firms currently using the policy have their employees equipped with adequate knowledg e on how to handle information inform of mail. The use of email policy according to various studies assists employees of an organization to understand the rules about use of an email (Safa 2016). A working email security is also important to an organizations as it provides employees as well as managing staff with some advice on how reduce email overload, email etiquette as well as ensuring that all staff members use emails appropriately. Even though other studies indicate that various firms have over the recent past seen and felt the sense to be secure, many firms have not yet reached the required standards in relations to email security policy (Herath 2014). Many firms have not yet come up with very specific and enforcement mechanism which are strong enough while implementing email security policies. Studies have revealed several organised methodologies and strategies of risk management that should be adopted by various organizations in order to ensure completeness of security policies and a sure that the set policies and guidelines in relation to emails are properly and appropriately enforced (Thomas 2014). According to the current study, various companies and firms currently implementing have some setbacks in formulation of email security policies. Email security policies just as other security policies should be developed in accordance with the staff member; it should have a justified scope and monitoring strategy. Complex systems of information require policies to be decomposed into various sub policies in order to facilitate appropriate allocation of the set security mechanisms for sub policies enforcement (Thomas 2014). Even though many firms are currently trying to properly utilise the system of decomposing the email policy, many firms and organizations with complex information security systems have witnessed pitfalls. Various security policies works very easy through a very simple and direct approach. The easy way of managing various security approaches is by going direct to the sub policies which are the most essential operational rules and dispense them with a top level policy formulated by the company understandable to every employee within the organization (Shao 2016). Various studies as well as the current stud y have found that atop level security policy is significant and essential to every organization with a serious set of security schemes. It is evident from the study that any set requirements and rules of operation are as well as meaningless without the integration of a top level security policy. Formulation of any security policy requires basic understanding of an organization and firms should have a clear knowledge of their employees before coming up with a set of policies. Any security policy should have a well-defined purpose and proper briefing. Security policies work well when developed with a proper scope and policy elements should be well organised and started (Shao 2016). According to various studies, various organizations whose policy element as well as scope is not clear have seen their policies fail. A security policy such as email security policy requires a proper monitoring channel and strategy in order to succeed. Methodology The methodology employed while developing email security policy is a complete well written methodology. The method used to develop email guidelines in this paper is a well written set of rules which are clearly understandable to all parties and will only require updates. Identifications of policies to be enforced The methodology used started by research on various key areas which are deemed by the company to be critical. Through the research various the first step resulted into development of polices that the organization is planning to enforce. Development of policies requires one to only develop a plan for policies the management are planning to enforce as others which the company is not planning to enforce are deemed as useless (Shao 2016). After settling on the policy to enforce, the purpose of the policy is then well outlined. Purpose of the policy Policies to be utilised by the company should be well outlined to meet a specific objective (Siponen and Vance 2014). The surety for the need an email security policy and guidelines should be structured to meet the specific goal the policy is trying to accomplish. Development of guidelines which do not require frequent updates Email security guidelines should not be too strict as this may lead to frequent updates. The study after research identified various ways on how to arrive at policies which do not require frequent updates. The guidelines developed are not too rigid for the employees and are well selected in relation to the management demands (Bulgurcu, Cavusoglu and Benbasat 2010). After considering policy updates as another step of security guideline development, the guidelines were then differentiated from the standard recommendations which are the fourth step. Differentiation of policies guidelines from recommended guidelines After the third step above, policies were then separated from more detailed recommendations (Herath and Rao 2009). The selected guidelines are then made sure at this step to be comprehensive and thorough but not too specific and rigid from this step the guidelines are then made available to the employees and not within a vacuum. Arrangement of reinforcement team After ensuring that the guidelines are available to everyone within the working vicinity, a team that monitors and ensures that all members are adhering to the step guidelines are organised to enforce the policy. Stipulated disciplinary actions are then taken to ensure that no undue access is allowed in the company. Key recommendations Organizational emails are very essential tools of operation which should be well secure and protected from malpractices and undue access. These guidelines have therefor been developed in relation to the findings from the other studies which require that email policy guidelines should be created according to scope and proper understanding of an organization. Appropriate use of company email All company employees have the freedom to their company email for work related duties without any restriction and can use their company emails for the following purposes: Employees are allowed to use company email to communicate with various current and prospective partners and customers. All company employees are allowed to have passwords and log in to various company purchased software without any limitation. Without any limitations, company workers are allowed to give various personalities they meet at conferences and company events their email address. Guidelines for use of company mails for personal purposes Company employees are allowed to use company email for their personal use but only for limited reasons. Company employees are allowed to register for meetups and classes using the company email. Employees are allowed to communicate with family members using company email in condition that the communication do not spam or disclose confidential information concerning the company. All employees are allowed to search and download various e-books, guiding contents as well as other contents for their personal use as long as the process is safe and secured. Email security guidelines For the company email to be secure from various often threats such as medium hacks, breaches of confidentiality, viruses as well as other malwares, employees are required to: Choose strong passwords for logins with more than eight characters with combined lower and upper cases. They are not allowed to use personal information for passwords. Employees are required to remember their passwords instead of writing them down as this may lead to undue access imposing threat to the system. The company also require employees to remember their passwords after a period of two months. Employees are required to remain vigilant and avoid opening attachments and contents which are not adequately explained. They should not open or check bit titles and catch emails that may carry phishing attempts. Employees are required to keep their anti-malware programmes updated for security purposes. Disciplinary actions All employees are required to adhere to the stipulated guidelines in relation to company email usage. The email security guideline developed should be respected and upheld by the employees. Employees who do not adhere to the present policy will be faced with a properly outlined disciplinary action and termination. Any employee of the company found using a corporate email address to send information or data which is not confidential without authorization would be terminated. Sending of an offensive email to customers and partners by an employee of the company will lead to termination of the employee from the company. An employee should also be terminated if found using company email for any illegal activity. Conclusions The significance of an email security policy as discussed above is quite evident to any organization. Through the discussion above, a well working email policy have been created in accordance with the requirements. A security policy such as email security policy is quite significant to an organization. With proper development of security guidelines and polices firms and organizations are able to evade risks which may occur as a result of ignorance and undue access to information and data. It is therefore recommended for nay organization dealing with emails to adopt and implement a well organised email security policy. References Kaldor, M. and Rangelov, I. eds., 2014. The handbook of global security policy. John Wiley Sons. Ifinedo, P., 2014. Information systems security policy compliance: An empirical study of the effects of socialisation, influence, and cognition. Information Management, 51(1), pp.69-79. Thomas, R.G., 2014. Indian Security Policy: Foreword by Joseph S. Nye. Princeton University Press. Shao, Y., Chen, Q.A., Mao, Z.M., Ott, J. and Qian, Z., 2016, February. Kratos: Discovering Inconsistent Security Policy Enforcement in the Android Framework. In NDSS. Bulgurcu, B., Cavusoglu, H. and Benbasat, I., 2010. Information security policy compliance: an empirical study of rationality-based beliefs and information security awareness. MIS quarterly, 34(3), pp.523-548. Herath, T. and Rao, H.R., 2009. Protection motivation and deterrence: a framework for security policy compliance in organisations. European Journal of Information Systems, 18(2), pp.106-125. Herath, T., Chen, R., Wang, J., Banjara, K., Wilbur, J. and Rao, H.R., 2014. Security services as coping mechanisms: an investigation into user intention to adopt an email authentication service. Information systems journal, 24(1), pp.61-84. Safa, N.S., Von Solms, R. and Furnell, S., 2016. Information security policy compliance model in organizations. computers security, 56, pp.70-82. Siponen, M. and Vance, A., 2014. Guidelines for improving the contextual relevance of field surveys: the case of information security policy violations. European Journal of Information Systems, 23(3), pp.289-305.

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Three Articles on Lindsay Lohan Essays - Lindsay Lohan, Film

Three Articles on Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan : downfall of a child star The Telegraph 20 Jul 2010 Lindsay Lohan , the actress who started a 90-day jail sentence on Tuesday for drink driving and cocaine offences, was a child star who became an adult addict. Here is a brief resume of her life so far: Born July 2, 1986, in New York, Lohan started modelling at age three. Her parents divorced in 2007. She made her film debut aged 11 in "The Parent Trap" (1989), playing both twin girls who scheme to reunite their estranged parents. Made more than a dozen movies including "Freaky Friday," "Mean Girls," "Bobby" and "I Know Who Killed Me." Recreated Marilyn Monroe's final photo shoot in a 2008 magazine spread that proved controversial because of its partial nudity. Released two music albums and was hired by Emanuel Ungaro to design a (widely derided) fashion collection in 2009. At age 17, Lohan was the youngest host of the MTV Movie Awards. Won 16 industry awards, including a Screen Actors Guild ensemble cast trophy for "Bobby," a 1999 Young Artist award, two MTV Movie awards and three 2007 worst actress Razzies. Despite a formal scolding in 2006 for partying and late arrivals on the "Georgia Rule" film set, producer James G. Robinson later called Lohan "one of the most talented young women in the movie business today." 2007 saw Lohan arrested twice for driving and drug offences, and she entered rehab three times saying she is addicted to alcohol and drugs. Sentenced to one day in jail but spent only 84 minutes behind bars. Also placed on three years' probation, later extended by a year. Lohan missed a court appearance in May 2010, claiming she had lost her passport while on a trip to the Cannes film festival. Judge issued an arrest warrant but revoked it when bail was posted. May 24, 2010, Lohan ordered to wear an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet and submit to random weekly drug and alcohol tests. Sentenced on July 6 to 90 days in jail for violating her 2007 probation by missing multiple alcohol education classes. Lohan surrenders to court and starts sentence on July 20. Lindsay Lohan's Fall From Grace Michael Kaye Elite Daily Oct 13, 2012 Since The Parent Trap, Lindsay Lohan's troubled youth has been the target of every media outlet as she single-handedly employs paparazzi and magazine from coast to coast. The once extremely talented actress began her career as a delectable childhood star appearing in films such asThe Parent Trap, Life-Size, and Freaky Friday. Lohan was born in New York City and spent her early days in Merrick, Long Island. By early teenage hood, Lohan was a show-business expert having countless commercials, modeling jobs, and an established acting career under her belt. The success of Mean Girls in 2004 transformed Lindsay into a highly desired item earning her millions and various hosting opportunities afterwards. But with success come responsibilities, and the loss of an ordinary upbringing and being thrown into adulthood as a young teen began to weigh on the actress. Despite suffering from asthma almost since birth, Lindsay had been seen in several magazine smoking cigarettes outside various clubs and restaurants. The attending of alcoholic anonymous meetings began in 2006. Alcoholic addition now began interfering with her career. The starlet's sporadic stints in rehabilitation centers began in early 2007 when she spent thirty days at the Wonderland Center in Los Angeles. Barely four months a misdemeanor driving while intoxicated charge plagued the actress after Lohan collided her Mercedes-Benz with a curb in Beverly Hills, California. Lindsay checked into Promises Treatment Center in Malibu after the accident, rumored to be an alleged publicity stunt or in lieu of public apology. Lindsay Lohan left her second stay in rehab a changed woman. Psych! Lohan was charged one month later with drunken driving once more, however, this situation proved more severe. The infamous celebrity was caught with possession of cocaine and driving with a suspended license. By the end of 2007, Lohan appeared in court on several occasions, served time in county jail, and continued her unsteady pattern in rehab. In 2008, the media began focusing on Lohan once again, this time for relationship hearsay. The star was continuously being seen

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The Verbing of the English Language

The Verbing of the English Language The Verbing of the English Language The Verbing of the English Language By Mark Nichol One of the most inventive aspects of invention-friendly English is verbing, the denominalization of nouns into verbs. It’s nothing new verbs have been created from noun forms throughout the life span of Modern English and perhaps even before it evolved from Middle English; what’s been different during our lifetime, perhaps, is the rate at which it occurs. Denominalizations most of us have grown accustomed to because they’ve been around a while include pencil (â€Å"I’ll pencil you in for tomorrow at nine o’clock†), trend (â€Å"Stocks continue to trend downward†), and impact (â€Å"That’s going to significantly impact our plan†). If those usages aren’t annoying enough, you can make people cringe by using dialogue (â€Å"We’ll dialogue about this later†). Brand names even get denominalized, as was the case with Xerox and, more recently, Google. But verbing isn’t confined to the office. At home, mothers and fathers parent, and people host guests. Active folks ski and skate, while those out on the town get seated, sometimes only after they’re carded. The primary cause of the recent proliferation of verbing is technology: Before the average person had access to personal computers, programmers were accessing data online. When the Internet went mainstream, we began to bookmark our bookmarks. As many people began to favor text messaging, texting stood alongside phoning or calling. (By extension, overt flirting and text-based phone sex was dubbed sexting.) Social networking gave us the verb form â€Å"to friend† (and, inevitably, â€Å"to defriend†), as well as a new sense of â€Å"to like,† where liking is a deliberate action rather than simply a feeling. Denominalization is controversial and prompts much antipathy. But why? Some of the most basic words in English dress, dream, sleep, strike, talk are verbs identical in form to their parent nouns. The answer: English encourages neologisms, but many of its users are (often rightfully) averse to upstart words. Many of the denominalizations we take for granted may have struck listeners and readers as awkward and annoying when they first experienced them, but although many others no doubt fell by the wayside for that very reason, numerous ones have long since been granted status as standard English. There’s only so much you can do to champion denominalization or to choke it, but in the end, it’s a democratic process: If a neologism appeals to you, promote it by using it. If it appalls you, demote it by eschewing it. Not every grating verbification will last, and if one that particularly annoys you goes extinct, you can take partial credit because it has always been absent from your writing. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the General category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:"Based in" and "based out of"Difference between "Pressing" and "Ironing"10 Humorous, Derisive, or Slang Synonyms for â€Å"Leader† or â€Å"Official†

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Case study Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Report - Case Study Example This type of operation was facilitated by the ownership of various brands of hotels operated by the Intercontinental Hotel Group. For instance, the Lido holiday inn. The multi-brand ownership strategy made it feasible for the company to operate in large scale. To be specific, a holiday inn hotel had 1000 standard rooms and 355 apartments. The IHG owned 26 holiday inn hotels, not to mention other brands. This ownership strategy was unique by then and was a source of competitive advantage to IHG. Second, the geographic locations of the hotels managed by the company were unique and complemented the purposes for which they were put up. That is, for holiday getaways. The unique geographical location, which could not be imitated by any other company, provided a sustainable competitive advantage for the company. Third, the company actively segmented its target market. Every target market had a suitable brand of hotel. This strategy ensured that the client’s needs were met. Fourth, the company was the first to establish a Chinese website for local customers to improve communication with a wider variety of customers who speak different languages such as English and Chinese. The website also provided a platform for reservations. This strategy was cost effective and efficient. Therefore, was a source of competitive advantage. Positioning strategy of the company involves making plans that make a company stand out among other rival firm. The Intercontinental Hotel Group has implemented the following strategies: first, the company has segmented its target market and provides hospitality services to match with the market need. For instance, on the onset, the company entered the China market with a unique service delivery strategy, including setting up of the first website in Chinese. The strategy facilitated the high market growth rate experienced. The open door policy in China in the year 1978 resulted in the rise in demand for